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BypassPen Transforms GPT Text (ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, etc.) with 20+ Styles, Bypassing All AI Detectors, Including the Toughest: Quillbot, Originality, and Turnitin.

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Support for Bypassing All AI Detectors

supported for bypassing all ai detectors

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The copy will not be filled with typos or odd phrasings

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Easily Bypass All AI Detectors

BypassPen can help you effortlessly bypass all detectors, including the toughest ones like Quillbot, Originality, and Turnitin. In 99% of cases, if the copy can bypass these three detectors, it will pass other AI detectors as well.

6 Writing Levels, 10+ Copy Types

BypassPen offers the most extensive range of writing levels and copy types to suit your needs

  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • University
  • Doctorate
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BypassPen Rewritten Copy Will Not Be Filled with Typos or Odd Phrasings

When using other AI rewriting tools, you may find the rewritten copy filled with numerous spelling errors or strange wording. Our goal is to provide you with a truly high-quality article after rewriting, so we do not intentionally add various errors to bypass AI detectors.


Empowering Diverse Users with BypassPen

  • Students
  • Marketers and SEO
  • Businesses
  • Non-native Speakers


Refine your AI-generated text to meet academic standards and achieve better results quickly and easily.

  • Enhance Integrity: Refine AI-generated text to meet academic standards.
  • Save Time: Perfect your drafts quickly and efficiently.
  • Achieve Better Results: Produce high-quality, original work effortlessly.

Why Our Customers Love BypassPen

Our users love BypassPen because it effortlessly turns AI-generated text into polished, human-like content. Whether you're a writer, student, marketer, or professional, BypassPen makes your work shine.

Emily Richards

"BypassPen has been a game-changer for my writing process. It effortlessly transforms my AI-generated drafts into polished, engaging content, saving me hours of editing. Highly recommend it!"

John Parker

"As a freelance writer, BypassPen helps me maintain a natural, human-like tone in all my articles. It's made my workflow so much smoother and my clients are thrilled with the results."

Sarah Martinez

"BypassPen has been incredibly helpful in refining my AI-generated research papers. It ensures my work meets academic standards, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my grades."

Michael Nguyen

"Using BypassPen has saved me so much time on my assignments. It makes my AI drafts look professional and original, which has really boosted my academic performance."

Laura Bennett

"BypassPen is a must-have tool for any digital marketer. It helps create engaging, human-like content that resonates with our audience and boosts our SEO rankings. Fantastic tool!"

David Wilson

"This tool has been a huge asset to our content strategy. BypassPen ensures our marketing materials avoid AI detection while maintaining a consistent and authentic brand voice."

Jessica Lee

"BypassPen has elevated the quality of our business reports and communications. It saves us time and ensures our documents are clear, polished, and professional."

Mark Anderson

"Using BypassPen has impressed our stakeholders with the high-quality content we produce. It's an invaluable tool for making our AI-generated documents look human-like and refined."

Maria Gomez

"BypassPen has greatly improved my English writing skills. It makes my AI-generated text read naturally and fluently, boosting my confidence in professional communications."

Ivan Petrov

"As a non-native English speaker, BypassPen has been a lifesaver. It helps me create high-quality, human-like content effortlessly, making my work look professional and polished."


What is and how does it work?

BypassPen is an innovative tool specifically designed to detect and transform AI-generated text, making it indistinguishably human. Leveraging advanced machine learning models, BypassPen meticulously pre-processes and post-processes text to eliminate any detectable AI markers. With BypassPen, you can confidently bypass AI detectors and ensure your content maintains a natural, human-like quality.

How does BypassPen differentiate from other AI humanizer tools?

Unique Technology: BypassPen employs proprietary technology to ensure that rewritten content bypasses AI detectors without the need for deliberate grammatical or symbol errors. This approach maintains the integrity and readability of your text.

Efficiency and Versatility: Unlike other tools that simply aim to evade AI detection, BypassPen focuses on helping you create high-quality, compliant content efficiently. We offer a variety of language styles to choose from, ensuring the rewritten content is perfectly suited for your specific needs and final use.

How accurate is in passing AI detection tests?

While we can't guarantee perfect results every time, BypassPen typically achieves an 80% success rate with a single rewrite. Creating multiple versions of your content can help you find one that passes all AI detection systems.

We provide real-time detection feedback through a trusted third-party AI detector. For specific AI detectors, we advise pasting your content directly into their sites to ensure accuracy.

What types of text can our AI humanizer converts?

BypassPen is designed to work with any type of English text, regardless of the source or subject matter. Whether your AI-generated content comes from ChatGPT, GPT-4, Gemini, Claude, or covers topics like finance, technology, or healthcare, BypassPen ensures it can bypass detection.

Can I use BypassPen for non AI writing?

Yes, you can! Although BypassPen is primarily designed for AI-generated content, it is also highly effective at refining any type of text. Whether you aim to enhance readability, improve structure, or ensure privacy, BypassPen is the ideal tool for your needs.

What if My Content Exceeds the Word Limit per Credit?

We understand that sometimes your content may exceed the word limit set by your subscription. If this happens, you have two options: you can split your content into multiple requests, or you can upgrade to a higher plan that accommodates more words per submission. We're here to ensure you have the flexibility you need to get the most out of BypassPen.

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