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Raj Patel

  • Anti-Plagiarism
  • Content Integrity
  • Cybersecurity

Leads AI research to improve human-like text generation.

Experience & Education


Raj has a Computer Science background from the University of Houston and worked in cybersecurity before pivoting to AI content verification.


His expertise lies in developing software that identifies and mitigates plagiarism risks. Raj understands the nuances of copyright laws and AI content generation.


Raj enjoys drone photography, capturing landscapes and cityscapes from unique perspectives.

Role at BypassPen

Raj leads the efforts to ensure that content is not only unique but also withstands the most rigorous AI detection tools, preserving the integrity and originality of all outputs.

Personal Goal

Raj is dedicated to creating the most reliable anti-plagiarism software in the market. He wants to ensure that all content verified by his systems is beyond reproach, setting new industry standards for content originality and legal compliance.

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