HIX.AI Bypass Review: Can It Truly Humanize AI/ChatGPT Text?

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Write by  Emily Watson
2024-06-25 16:35:28 7 min read

AI humanizers are gaining popularity. All the tools promise to deliver content indistinguishable from human writing.

However, not all of these tools meet the expectations they set. That's why we launched our AI humanizer review series.

Today, we are examining the HIX.AI Bypass, an advanced feature of the HIX.AI writing tool. Can it attempt to achieve a 99% success rate, as it claims? Find out in just five minutes.

HIX.AI Bypass First Screen

What is HIX.AI Bypass?

HIX.AI Bypass is part of the HIX.AI brand, which has many writing tools. It’s designed to detect and rewrite AI-generated text to pass as human-written.

On the product page, it says the HIX.AI Bypass can effectively restructure and rephrase content from AI models like ChatGPT and GPT-4, ensuring outputs are undetectable by leading AI detectors such as GPTZero and Originality.ai. Moreover, its generation has a 99% success rate with plagiarism-free, nuanced content that appears entirely authored by a human.

Why Do We Do This Test?

As you can see in the introduction, the HIX.AI Bypass made many promises about its ability.

Can it deliver them? We aim to assess not only the tool's ability to reduce detectability rates but also to examine whether the quality of the text remains high post-humanization. Our testing will cover both the AI score detected by top AI radars and the quality of the text.

HIX.AI Bypass All AI Detectors Banner

Let’s identify if this tool is reliable.   

Testing HIX.AI Bypass  

Methodology Explanation  

Our testing process is methodical and clear:

  1. We start by generating AI-written text using ChatGPT-4 on a designated topic.

  2. This text is then processed through HIX.AI Bypass to humanize it, altering its structure and phrasing to avoid detection.

  3. We reevaluate the AI detection rate of the newly humanized content using several top AI detectors.

  4. Lastly, we analyze both the change in detectability and the quality of the text to assess the overall efficacy of HIX.AI Bypass.

Testing Text

Topic: Things to Know for First-time Visitors to Italy

Words: 117 words 

Model: ChatGPT-4

We chose a concise guide on tips for first-time visitors to Italy as our test content. 

This length and complexity are typical of general writing. And the word count is limited to the free version of HIX.AI Bypass.  

Here is what ChatGPT-4 sent back. 

 Chatgpt-4 Things to Know for First-time Visitors to Italy

Humanized by HIX.AI Bypass:  

We have now utilized HIX.AI Bypass to humanize our sample text. For this test, we selected the "latest" mode. HIX.AI says it employs the most updated techniques and can even beat Originality 3.0 and Turnitin. 

HIX.AI Bypass Humanize Output Chatgpt-4 Things to Know for First-time Visitors to Italy

Results: HIX.AI Bypass’ Efficiency in Bypassing AI Detection

Following the humanization process, we check the AI detectability of the text using several leading AI detection tools. They are:

  • Quillbot 

  • Originality.ai 

  • ZeroGPT

  • GPTzero 

  • Writer 

 Here are the results:

AI Score After HIX.AI Bypass Humanized 


AI Score After HIX.AI Bypass Humanized 


57% AI


98% AI


0% AI


44% AI


0% AI

GPTzero Scoring HIX.AI Bypass Humanization Initial Output 44 AI Score

What Do the Results Say About HIX.AI Bypass’ Ability to Bypass AI Detection?  


AI Score After HIX.AI Bypass Humanized 


57% AI


98% AI


0% AI


44% AI


0% AI

The results from our testing present a mixed outcome on the ability of HIX.AI Bypass to bypass AI detection. 

As you can see, ZeroGPT and Writer give a 0% AI score. However, the tool struggled with Originality.ai, showing 98% AI-generated results. Meanwhile, Quillbot and GPTzero showed moderate decreases in AI detectability.

So, at this point, the results tell us that HIX.AI Bypass (Latest Mode) can significantly reduce AI traces in some instances; its effectiveness varies widely depending on the detection tools used.  

But don't rush to copy the content yet. We will go deeper into its writing quality. 

How Good is the Quality of HIX.AI Bypass’ Humanized Text?

The writing quality is as important as the AI score. So, to get a measure, we employed Grammarly to help us make a thorough evaluation. Its Pro version reviews the content's readability, grammatical integrity, and overall score.

1. Overall Score, Readability & Grammar 

Grammarly provided an overall score for the humanized text: 79 out of 100.  

Grammarly Pro Scoring HIX.AI Bypass Humanization Initial Output 79

Not a bad score, right? This score reflects a decent level of readability and grammar. 

However, it also suggests room for improvement. 

Certain sentences, such as "Treat this as a guide on how to maximize your experience on your visit. With the simplest Italian phrases before just to communicate with the locals," fall short.

This sentence feels disjointed and confusing—it starts as an imperative and abruptly shifts, leaving the impression that it's incomplete. So, the readers might find it confusing.  

Moving the mouse, we can find several suggestions to enhance clarity and engagement. And if we read the text, it's clear that some sentences are still insufficient in coherence and reader involvement.

2. Accept Grammarly's Suggestion

With so many revised recommendations, we wonder if this is why it is undetectable by AI detectors. We decided to accept all of Grammarly's suggested improvements; that's how we dramatically improved the score to a perfect 100 out of 100. 

Then, we put the revised version into the five detectors again.  

Grammarly Pro Scoring HIX.AI Bypass Humanization Amended Version 100

3. AI Detection Scores After Improvements:  

Following the enhancements made based on Grammarly's suggestions, we retested the AI detection rates to evaluate how textual improvements affect AI detectability. Here are the updated results after refining the text:


AI Score After HIX.AI Bypass Humanized 

After Grammarly Improved  


57% AI

0% AI


98% AI

100% AI


0% AI

0% AI


44% AI

82% AI


0% AI

0% AI

4. Analysis of the Findings:

The result was different now. Writer and ZeroGPT, nothing changed. Quillbot, however, showed a significant reduction in AI detection to 0% AI after the improvements. This change implies that some detectors may take higher-quality, grammatically correct text as human writing. So it's good to go if you only need to bypass these detectors. 

What we need to pay attention to is that the AI score sharply increased in GPTzero, from 44% to 82% after the improvements. Plus, Originality.ai also gives 100% AI comments. 

Grammarly Pro Scoring HIX.AI Bypass Humanization Grammarly Amended Version 82 Percent AI

What do you think?  

Adding some grammar issues will influence the AI possibility. However, this strategy does not work universally, so getting past some robust tools is hard, especially when we remove the "fake human errors" footprint.

How User-Friendly is HIX.AI Bypass?

HIX.AI Bypass is easy to use. You don't have to learn any technical things. The process is straightforward: just copy, paste, and click "humanize." The tool responds quickly, making it efficient for tests.

However, the free trial only has 300 words with limited inputs to 125 words per request, which is insufficient for testing longer texts unless you upgrade. 

 HIX.AI Bypass Humanizer Free Trial Input Limitation  

Additionally, while it offers a few modes—latest, fast, balanced, and aggressive—these only affect response to the AI detectors it can pass, not text style options like tone or purpose. So, it could be a restriction if you write for specific purposes, like blog posts or essays. 

   HIX.AI Bypass Humanizer Mode Options

HIX.AI Bypass Pricing

Free Trial

As we covered before, after you register, you can test the tool with up to 300 words in total, with a cap of 125 words per request. 

Package Pricing

HIX.AI Bypass has three subscription tier plans for more extensive use: Basic, Pro, and Unlimited. 

The costs start at $14.99 per month, with options for monthly or yearly payments. There are mainly differences in word allowances and maximum word inputs per request.

For total word allowances: 5,000 words, 50,000 words, and unlimited.

For maximum word inputs per request: 500 words, 2,000 words, and unlimited.

HIX.AI Bypass Humanizer Pricing Monthly

Alternatives to HIX.AI Bypass 

If HIX.AI Bypass doesn't meet your needs, no worries—other tools are available. BypassPen is one such tool that offers efficient capabilities for humanizing AI-generated content. Let's see what makes it unique.

1. What is BypassPen?

Like HIX.AI, BypassPen is an online platform that makes AI-generated text undetectable. It can bypass all primary AI detectors. Quillbot, Originality, or Turnitin? All in one – with a success rate of approximately 80% on initial tries!

BypassPen Humanizer

2. What Makes BypassPen a Strong Alternative?

  • 1000 Free Words, free to test one complete article!

  • 20+ Models: It has more than 20 models for various writing needs and styles. You can use it for general writing, essays, research papers, SEO articles, and more.  

  • Fewer Grammatical errors: BypassPen claims to deliver content with cleaner and fewer grammatical errors; you will save time and money and re-humanize the content!

3. Watch BypassPen in Action: Real Test Video Showcase

What is BypassPen's success rate? Here is a video showing how it rewrites AI-generated copy and bypasses AI detectors effectively.


Done! That's all about the review of HIX.AI Bypass. We have seen its varying results across different AI detectors—it excels with some while falling short with others.

Should you use it? That depends on the detectors you need to bypass and the text quality you want. For example, if you want to bypass tough detectors like Originality with minimal tweaking after humanization, it might not be a good option.

A truly effective humanizer that scores low on AI detection and delivers high-quality text can save you much time on revisions and money. Which one is the best? We're still on the case. Stay tuned!