Deep Review: Can It Bypass All Detectors?

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Write by  Dr. Alex Rivera
2024-06-25 16:36:19 7 min read

Want to make AI-generated text like human-written? Humanized tools are made for that. is a popular one. 

However, not all tools work well to bypass the AI radars successfully. 

Today, we will test to see if it works as promised. Read this article to learn how accurate its technology is and whether you should pay for it. Let’s start!

What is has three features: an AI humanizer for humanizing AI text, an AI detector, and the ability to generate undetectable AI text directly.

Its product page displays the effect of bypassing all AI radars, including Originality AI, Winston AI, GPTZero, ZeroGPT, and Turnitin. Moreover, it promises to produce outputs without errors and awkward phrasings while retaining a human touch.

Why Do We Do This Test?

The introduction sounds attractive. So, what makes us test it today? 

Many people use AI to speed up work efficiency. Content writing, including blog posts, scripts, marketing materials, etc., is a big part of this. 

It's not a bad thing to use AI for writing assistance. However, poor AI work can have adverse effects. Similarly, Some AI humanizers also produce low-quality content; they use different words with AI or intentionally add grammar errors.  

So, our review blog series aims to find out: 

Are tools like truly the shield against AI detection they claim to be? 

Can it deliver error-free content without relying on nonsensical word swaps typical of other humanization tools? Bypass All Ai Detectors Banner

We will walk you through it to see if it lives up to its promises, helping you save on tools that don't meet your writing purpose. 


Methodology Explanation  

  1. We made the test copy with ChatGPT-4.  

  2. will then make it a human-like version. 

  3. After humanization, we will use five prominent AI detectors to check the AI score. 

  4. The writing quality is also a part of the test. It includes both readability and grammar. 

  5. The last step is to analyze the change in the AI detectability percentage after correcting all grammatical errors.

Testing Text

Topic: How to Survive a Jet Lag in First Persona 

Words: 280 words.

We asked ChatGPT-4 to write the topic in the first person at a general reading level. This length and writing style are widely applicable in many scenarios. 

With this content, we can also examine whether can maintain the human touch in writing by checking its engaging and interactive writing.

ChatGPT-4 How to Survive a Jet Lag in First Persona

Humanized by  

Now, let's put the pure AI text into We use the Ninja mode, dragging the level to “More Human'' at its maximum. Humanize ChatGPT-4-Generated Text Output 4 Percent AI

Results:'s Efficiency in Bypassing AI Detection

Then, we get the undetectable content. You will notice that it provides five variations, each with a self-detect AI score. We selected the output that Stealthwriter indicated as having the highest confidence in human-like quality, scoring an impressive 4% AI detectability. 

(But please note that the humanized version is 100 words longer than the original one. We will discuss this later.) 

Next, we used five well-known AI detectors to check if it's as it says.

AI Score After Humanized


AI Score After Humanized 









0%AI Scoring Humanized Text 40 percent AI

What Do the Results Say About’s Ability to Bypass AI Detection?  

Obviously, it didn't bypass all the five detectors as claimed. The best mark is 0%, scored by the Quillbot and the Writer. GPTZero and ZeroGPT came in close second., however, detects a 40% AI possibility. 

The initial score is not very bad among all the reviewed tools, as is robust in AI detection. But this does not mean it’s good to go yet. In the next part, we will examine its writing to see if it balances the AI score and content quality.

How Good is the Quality of’s Humanized Text?

Here, we choose Grammarly for the scoring. Its Pro version gave an overall score and suggestions on grammar correctness, writing clarity, and more. 

Let's see what it says about's humanized text.

1. Overall Score, Grammar & Quality

Grammarly Pro Scoring Humanized Text Initial Version 84

GrammarlyPro score: 84 out of 100.  

It seems a decent score, representing that the text is well written and likely understandable for readers.

But wait, 17 review suggestions for Correctness and 10 for Clarity?  

Well, this is a bad signal. It indicated that the text needs to perform better at grammar rules and information delivery. 

Moreover, as mentioned before, the humanized text was nearly 100 words longer than the original. So you will see there are wordy expressions, which invoke many suggestions for rephrasing sentences. It also suggests that might be introducing unnecessary verbosity into the text.

Grammarly Pro Scoring Humanized Text Initial Version Suggestions

2. Accept Grammarly's Suggestion

The analysis of the content naturally leads us to the next part. Will these errors trick the AI detectors into thinking it's the text as human-written? What will happen if we amend the text according to the suggestions? 

We addressed all of them, increasing the text’s overall score to 99 out of 100. We then use the five detectors to recheck the AI likelihood. 

Grammarly Pro Scoring Humanized Text Amended Version 99

3. AI Detection Scores After Grammarly Improvements: 


AI Score After Humanized 

After Grammarly Improved  














1% AI


Surprise. The score differs from the initial table. Quillbot and Writer showed almost no change. However, the other four tools saw a sharp increase, particularly, and GPTZero, which almost wholly identified the text as 100% AI-generated post-improvement. 

What's the conclusion? A better quality, a higher AI score? 

Not exactly. It implies that may mimic human writing errors in grammar to trick the AI detectors. When we remove these errors, the detectors calculate the AI footprint. So it's not a universal trick., especially when you need to bypass a strict AI radar. Scoring Humanized Text Amended Version 100 AI

How User-Friendly is Undetectable AI?

From our hands-on testing, we found using is straightforward. There is no technical knowledge required, everyone can use it. And its response time is short. 

However, we would like to remind you of two limitations. One is the input restriction. The free trial only allows 300 words per request, which is not enough to test a whole article.

The other flaw is no writing purposes options. There are no features for you to process content for specific contexts, like blog posts or essays. Pricing offers a tiered pricing structure that caters to different usage needs:

Free Trial

300 words per request. 

Package Pricing offers three plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The main differences are in the word allowance for per quest and Ghost Models. The cost starts at $20$ per month. Pricing Monthly

Alternatives to 

Did not get your text passed? If you would like to know about other alternative tools, you will be happy to see BypassPen.  

1. What is BypassPen?

BypassPen is an online tool. It has three features: AI detection, Humanizer, and Prompt Generator. 

BypassPen Banner

Its robust humanizer can convert AI-generated text into high-quality content that is undetectable by AI detectors. 

AI text by ChatGPT, Claude, or Gemini? BypassPen has got them all covered!

How accurate is in passing AI detection tests?

BypassPen has an 80% success rate on first attempts at rewriting. You can see the real-time AI detection feedback, which is supported by third-party AI detectors.

2. What Makes BypassPen a Strong Alternative?

  • 1,000 Free Words: Want to test a whole article? No problem!

  • 20+ Writing Purposes: Here, you can find any writing style you want. It fits a diverse audience, including students, marketers, businesses, and non-native speakers.

  • Fewer Grammatical Errors: Clean and professional-quality text, no more time-consuming on further refinement!

3. Watch BypassPen in Action: Real Test Video Showcase


In this review, we've examined closely, assessing its usability, pricing, and effectiveness in humanizing AI-generated content. 

All in all, excels in making undetectable content under Quillbot and Writer. But it fails to evade the others. The reason may be the differing detection principles and intensity. 

Anyway, a good humanizer should get both a low AI score and a high writing quality. What's the following tool we will review? Stay tuned!